Time to Count Those Blessings

Thanksgiving Day comes once a year. And I really should count my blessings more frequently than that. It’s disconcerting that I can easily focus on the bad things, the stressors, and making plans (that often don’t pan out), but when someone asks, “What are you most thankful for this year?” I need to think. Sometimes …

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Every Writer’s Struggle: Mindset

Everyone struggles with something. Writer struggles take on a monstrous shadow that overwhelms our ability to create. The deep roots of many problems are in our mind. “I don’t know how to start” so the book is never started. “I don’t think it’s any good” so the book is never finished. “No one will like …

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Start Your Writing Practice Today

Writers write. If you dream of writing a book, you should have a writing routine, something called a writing practice in several famous books. This is not an advertisement for The Artist’s Way or Writing Down the Bones, but I believe both Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg have proven their authority in this field. I’ve …

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