A Rose of Another Color

On a recent camping trip, I stopped to smell the roses and learned a lesson about aging. A rose by any other color…no, that’s not how Shakespeare said it. The day dawned with cloudless blue skies. Joy! I would spend the day with my sister who was driving from Lincoln City to the campground in …

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Jerry Jenkins Gives His Best Writing Advice

If you’re a writer, there are a few newsletters you should subscribe to. That’s simply because they offer valuable content nearly every week. If you want the best advice a bestselling author gives, you’ll find it here. Most of us have too many newsletters clogging our inboxes. I know I do. Lists I subscribed to …

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Confessions of an Exercise-a-holic

Hello. My name is Sharon. I’m an addict. Yes, I freely admit it, I’m addicted to exercise. What? You don’t think that’s a REAL addiction? And why is that? Because exercise is supposed to be good for you and that means you can’t be addicted to it? Vegetables are good for you, and there are …

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What I’ve Learned in this “Year of Rest”

Enter the second week of the eighth month of the year two-thousand-and-twenty. About ten months ago, I realized I had slid into creative burnout and I needed creative rest and refueling. Thus, the word for the year was chosen. Back then, none of us understood how much unrest would grip our world. It started with …

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Writing from the Keyboard’s Perspective

The keyboard sat quietly waiting for the fingers of its familiar friend. Over the past five years together, they’d sent nearly 1.5 million words from the nebulous universe of a creative soul onto paper. Sure, some of those words never left the computer files. But many of them had soared into the world of publishing …

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