Remembering…on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the official start of summer tourist season. That’s how we celebrate it because most of us don’t remember what we’re supposed to remember today. Families gather around their backyard barbecue grills or pools. There is laughter, food, fun. Most companies in the United States give their employees a paid holiday. Life is …

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Perfect Father? How About We Call Him Ideal?

Father’s Day is only a few days away, and I’ll admit I haven’t celebrated it with my dad – ever – but I look forward to my sons celebrating it with THEIR dad every year. We do the family barbecue thing. You know, with the dad doing the grilling. Because that’s his thing, and unlike …

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An Author in Creative Writing Class

I haven’t been subbing much this school year. This has been great for getting organized and dealing with my burnout issues but not so great for my bank account. Imagine my surprise when I opened the sub plans for my first job in 2020 and discovered I’d be teaching creative writing. Creative writing!! It’s like …

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A Preview of A Laboring Hand

November is halfway over. My Reflections series has been introduced, and I’m thankful for those of you who have purchased, read and reviewed the book. But it is only the first in a series, and I’m going to give you a peek inside the second book in the series today. Today’s excerpt comes from A …

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Happy Independence Day: A Look at Freedom

July 4,1776, a crowd of rebellious patriots rally around a document written by Thomas Jefferson and sent to a king thousands of miles across the sea. This king taxed the “colonists” but in return they received nothing from him. Today, I’ll celebrate our independence with a collection of links to posts with the title “Why …

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The END GAME for Marvel’s AVENGERS

You don’t even have to follow this blog to know I love superheroes and superhero movies. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you figured it out right away. I mean, the thing is called HERO DELIVERY. My memes for it feature my favorite super: Wonder Woman. And much of this love started because I have …

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A Fun Look into Match-Making

No, this is not an episode of HOW IT’S MADE. I’m talking about romantic matchmaking…not the manufacture of match sticks. Although both of them can lead to fire. A matchmaker is a trouble maker. Okay, that’s not the dictionary definition. But if you’ve ever been subjected to matchmaking by someone, you know first-hand that it …

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There’s No Changing History

I’m not a history buff. I won’t even claim to like studying historical events. But when I’m traveling, I do appreciate absorbing historical sites and monuments. For me, it has nothing to do with the past. Seeing a landmark placed in a specific spot to cement a significant event touches the part of me that …

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