Supporting Authors Pays Dividends

We’ve all seen the meme “Feed an Author. Review their Book.” If you love a book, there are many ways you can support an author.

Today, I’ll be sharing photos from a debut novel by my friend Michelle Sass Aleckson. There will be snippets of reviews, too, and along the way, you can click on the graphics and buy the book for yourself.

But this blog is written from the perspective that our support of an author runs deeper than buying books. It’s even about more than leaving a review. Although, let’s face it, an author won’t keep writing books if they don’t sell them and reviews help sell books.

I call Michelle my friend, but we haven’t met in person. We’ve been on a couple digital meetings together, and we text each other every week. Based on the acknowledgements in the book she sent me, I’d say she considers me a friend, too.

By the way, she wouldn’t let me buy the book from her. She wanted to thank me for brainstorming with her and talking her down from a ledge during the editing phases of this book by gifting an autographed copy to me.

So of course, I bought another copy to give to someone else. I will buy this book. You can’t stop me!

It’s a lovely cover, isn’t it? And I was super excited to get book mail and find this inside.

Then I opened the cover and read the inscription. Melted my heart a little.

A few weeks ago, she’d sent a copy of the acknowledgments to our prayer huddle. It’s there that we text each other weekly. Because of that connection, I’ve sent her private messages of encouragement on hard days.

It was with that group that we met for brainstorming sessions when she was sure she couldn’t figure out how to make her story works.

Friend, I’ve read the story. It works. And not just because her shero is Veronica who goes by Ronnie like the shero of my novellas and first contracted novel, A Virtual Love Story. The novel that never was because my publisher closed it’s doors.

But you’ve seen these novellas before (also out of circulation).

Here are some ways to support an author whose books you love:

  • Follow them on social media
  • Interact with them
  • Share posts about their books
  • Review on as many sites as possible
  • Join their Advance Reviewer Team
  • Pass their book along to someone who will appreciate it

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get mentioned in the acknowledgments. This is the third time it’s happened to me. I’m still waiting for a big book dedication, ha!

I hope you’ll check out my friend Michelle’s debut novel. It’s a winner, and she will be writing two more books in this series, so there’s more where this came from.

What do you think? Add to the discussion here.