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Perfect Father? How About We Call Him Ideal?

Father’s Day is only a few days away, and I’ll admit I haven’t celebrated it with my dad – ever – but I look forward to my sons celebrating it with THEIR dad every year. We do the family barbecue thing. You know, with the dad doing the grilling. Because that’s his thing, and unlike …

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Third Glimpse behind the Curtain

Tomorrow is my birthday. Let’s celebrate by ME giving YOU another free peek inside my latest book. A Pondering Heart is the first in a series of biblical fiction that stretched both my faith and my writing ability. But you don’t care about that. You’ve read chapter one and chapter two, and now you’re ready …

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Your Next FREE Look Into Mary’s Heart

Happy December, faithful reader of this blog. Welcome to chapter two of A Pondering Heart: Anna huffed, arms crossed over her chest, when she shuffled down into the small room she shared with Father. Father and I had spent time together in the evenings since before my mother died. He taught me to read, write, …

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Merry Christmas from Mary

This month, I’ll be giving away the first three chapters of the first book in my Reflections series. That’s right. If you follow the blog, you’ll get to read the first three chapters (one per week) without investing more than your time. Of course, I hope you get invested in the story. I hope you …

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Happy Thanksgiving

Today this author is with her family. She’s enjoying some fresh-roasted turkey with a large helping of her sister’s homemade cornbread dressing. It’s delicious. And time with family along with dressing and gravy make this MY favorite holiday of the year. Even better, this is my beautiful granddaughter’s first Thanksgiving and she’s spending it with …

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