My Marriage is for the Birds

About six weeks ago, I scanned through Pinterest while sipping my morning coffee. I do this every day, letting the cup of coffee be my timer on my favorite idea generating social media platform.

There was this awesome artistic howling wolf photo that I clicked and added to my Amazing Art board. Then I laughed at the article linked to it: Who Your Spirit Animal Is, According to Your Zodiac Sign.

I know my astrological sign, Sagittarius, but I give very little credence to its description of me or the related horoscopes. Why? Because it only vaguely describes me.

But I scrolled through the article because curiosity fuels creativity, and since the onset of creative burnout, I’ve been allowing myself more time-wasting activities when they add pennies to my energy well. Pinterest images do it.

How does what I found out relate to the title of this blog? Read on, my friends. I hope it will make you smile.

My Husband, the Cancer

First of all, my husband is not crabby. I’m not a fan of him having the zodiac sign that shares a name with a hated foe.

But we didn’t make up the names. Nor did we get to determine “the stars” at our births. So, here’s what the article says about him:

Woodpeckers are amazing caretakers. They are caring, empathetic, great listeners, and supportive in their family roles. Woodpeckers, like Cancer, are very resourceful. These people are usually known as ‘frugal’ in their inner circles, but that’s just because they are amazing at turning a nothing into a something! At their worst, the woodpecker can become angry, jealous, or even possessive. But that is pretty rare for this animal that tends to be all heart and little head.

My husband is caring, a great listener and supportive. There’s nothing frugal about him, however, and none of the “worst” qualities describe him at all. Seriously, this is a major fail. I cry fowl!

And My Spirit Animal Is

Pretty. And wise. And man do I wish I had wings and could fly away from my problems or at least soar above them for a new, clearer perspective.

This is the article’s description of my Sagittarius owl:

I can be driven. I am usually energetic and passionate, but I don’t see myself as impulsive, and I’ll tie myself to a chair before I let my emotions drive me into a quick decision (too many regretful choices made this way in the past).

Easygoing? *laughs Not hardly. That would be my husband. I do value my (few) friendships but not above family. I will say that the desires to be nurtured, protected, and loved are spot-on, as is the sensitivity notion.

Since I have been both a teacher and a so-called artist, I guess that is nailed down, too.

What’s clear to me is that birds of a feather get married to each other. Since five of the twelve “types” were winged and feathered creatures, there wasn’t a high likelihood both my spouse and I would be in the same animal family, so that made me smile. And inspired this post.

Empty Nest Marriage

I’m a writer. I could draw all sorts of correlations and see phantom connections between the woodpecker and the owl and my home.

We’ve been empty nesters for five years. Only birds have nests, right? So if we have an empty nest, we must be fowl-ish creatures.

These descriptions from the article were laughable. I highlighted the lines that actually—if only vaguely—described my man or me. So, I don’t give much credence to what I learned, but it allowed me to spend some time searching for pretty pictures of owls and woodpeckers, so I could design some graphics for this post. (Not a total loss then, right?)

What are your thoughts on spirit animals and the zodiac? If you check out the article, feel free to post your spirit animal and whether it seems like a good fit or not.

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