Struggling to finish a manuscript?

If you're a writer, you understand getting the feedback you need on your early manuscript can be costly or subject to the whims of personal opinion. If you're like me, what you really want is a few minutes with a published author.

Let a published author teach you the ropes

Find your individual writing process so you can reach your goals

From craft lessons to industry insights, an author will be your guide

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What working with a published author gets you

A path around trial and error

I’ve been writing since I was in third grade, the year a green spiral notebook captured the words of my first “book.” In the decades since, I’ve taken multiple writing classes, attended writing conferences, joined critique groups, gained and lost publishing contracts for romance and fantasy, and struggled alone until finally cultivating an intimate network of writers who share the writing dream.

An experienced teacher

I’m a teacher without pupils. When I talk writing, it brings great joy, and when I help others brainstorm their way to an aha moment, it’s a thrill. I’m looking for those happy sparks when I sit down with you — the next writer I’ll help.

Guidance from someone who's been published

No matter where you are in your writing journey, I’ve been there. I can help you navigate the confusing map of options, rework your story to make it stronger, refine your writing process and focus on getting words on the page. Don't let insecurity and uncertainty keep you from your dream writing career.

A partner for this crazy, confusing journey

I understand what it’s like to stumble through the first draft. and seemingly endless revisions. I’ve learned the delicate balance between making the story better and removing its creative magic. When does the red pen need to stop so the manuscript can ship? Let me partner with you in your writing quest and help you take your writing to the next level.

What people say about Sharon's coaching

I am so grateful for the time and assistance Sharon was able to give me on my writing project. I was close to the finish line and had hit a wall; with her coaching we were able to identify what obstacles were holding me back and build weekly game plans to overcome them. I am back on track and I have a new cheerleader!

– Michaela Carson

Before I started my coaching classes with Sharon, I felt frustrated and overwhelmed with my writing journey. Sharon helped me overcome my doubts and set manageable goals.  I loved our brainstorming sessions to fix plot issues.  Our writing classes left me feeling encouraged and equipped to conquer my manuscript.

-Emily Hamil

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Don't miss out on three helpful checklists

In this ebook, you'll get three exclusive writing checklists. The Get Published list gives you ten steps to take to reach that goal. Wondering if your manuscript is ready to submit? The second checklist covers those essentials. Finally, the last checklist gives micro editing specifics to help you with self-editing.

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