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I love the English language. That’s why I have a degree in English and literature. It’s also one reason I’m a published author. I’d like to help your words shine, too.

Here's what author Naomi Craig says about my beta reading (critique) services: "Sharon took my rough manuscript, unseen (and probably deserving to remain so) by outside eyes and poured over it with a fine-tooth comb. She showed me problems in my structure, research holes, and generally gave me a direction for the next step my journey. While at first it was a painful pruning, Sharon’s help was invaluable for getting my manuscript to where it is today."

The services I offer are split into three categories: Coaching, Critique and Editing. I’ve been doing copywriting, too, and if that’s what you need, please complete the “Request a quote” form at the bottom of the page with the specifics of your project.

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Reflections From the Heart. For the Heart.

About the Author

“I hope my stories reveal the hero within each reader and encourage them to face their villains.”

Sharon Hughson inhales words and exhales stories. Her characters face difficult, and sometimes heart-wrenching, issues. Just because it’s fiction, doesn’t mean readers can’t see themselves on the pages…and find the strength to be the hero of their own story.

Sharon could easily get lost in books. She pens stories that offer hope and encouragement, because sometimes vacation only happens between the pages of a book. When not immersed in the world of writing and reading, Sharon substitutes in local classrooms, keeps house for her honey and waits on her three cats.


From the Blog

Lessons for the Coach

I love learning. I enjoy coaching writers, too, and I’m excited to note that those writers teach me plenty of lessons. First off, some people get confused about what a writing coach does. A writing coach doesn’t teach you how to write. It’s not their job to read your pages and give you feedback. A …

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Tips for Writers

The best writers realize there is no finish line in becoming a better writer. Someone else might have a better idea for creating compelling characters. Or there might be unique explanations about story structure that finally make sense. It’s not new so much as it’s taught in a way that connects with the writer’s learning …

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