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Just because it's fiction doesn't mean you can't find yourself in the pages... and find the strength to be the hero of your own story.


For me, writing is breathing. My characters face difficult, and sometimes heart-wrenching issues, and so do we. I write stories of hope and encouragement, because sometimes vacation only happens in the pages of a book.

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Looking for a short novel to pull at ALL of your heart strings? HERE IT IS!!!!!
The story line is beautiful. How this family goes on a lovely trip to reconcile broken bonds.
This novel is very well put together. The way that Sharon makes sure to touch on each character just the right amount, it makes this booka very enjoyable read. It does have some very sad parts but they way it is written you feel like part of the family and like you are there.
This was a fantastic read!

-Heather | GoodReads Review

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