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Writing a book is a Mt. Everest endeavor. No one climbs that behemoth alone; they hire a Sherpa to guide them to the summit. That's me. I am the writing Sherpa who can help you summit your dream of being a published author.

WRITERS - Coaching


Writers often feel isolated and uncertain. As a coach I help navigate motivation and insecurity.

Together we slog through the muddy middle of the story and create likable and believable characters along the way.

The summit is reachable when we do it together!

Before I started coaching with Sharon, I felt frustrated and overwhelmed with my writing journey. Sharon helped me to overcome my doubts and set manageable goals. I loved our brainstorming sessions to fix plot issues and our writing classes left me feeling encouraged and equipped to conquer my manuscript.

Emily Hamil

Coaching Client

Working with Sharon has sharpened my understanding of character development, which drives the entire story. Her questions prompted me to think more deeply about my characters' wounds and how they would find healing... During one session, I realized the amount of work I had ahead of me and felt discouraged. Sharon helped me break the tasks into manageable pieces and held me accountable to complete them.

Deb Sundblad

Coaching Client

Editing & Critique

Writers can't be experts at everything. I struggled to find guidance through courses, conferences, critiques and writing retreats, too.

Rejection without feedback doesn't help you grow in the craft or in confidence. That's why all of my editing and critique services include written feedback and suggestions for improving your story and your skill.

  • First Chapter Critique
    In-depth feedback to make sure your first chapter hooks reader.
  • Manuscript Evaluation
    Big picture overview including character arc, plot development, world building, voice, tension, etc.
  • Development Editing
    In-depth dive into the big picture items from the manuscript evaluation.
WRITERS - Critique

I am so grateful for the time and assistance Sharon was able to give me on Deeper: An Interactive Journey to Spiritual Growth. I was close to the finish line and hit a wall; with her coaching we were able to identify what obstacles were holding me back and build a weekly game plan to overcome them.

Michaela L. Carson


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