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Writing a book is a Mt. Everest endeavor. No one climbs that behemoth alone! They hire a Sherpa to guide them safely to the top.

Writers need a Sherpa, too. Someone who has written multiple books and understands what readers want. A guide who knows the pitfalls of traditional and independent publishing.

Let’s master your dream of being a published author together!

WRITERS - Coaching


Do you feel isolated? Uncertain about the quality or method of your writing? A coach provides tools for navigating obstacles like lack of motivation and insecurity.

There is no need to slog through the muddy middle of your story alone. With regular coaching, you can beef up your plot and create relatable characters.

The summit is attainable when we conquer it together!

Before I started coaching with Sharon, I felt frustrated and overwhelmed with my writing journey. Sharon helped me to overcome my doubts and set manageable goals. I loved our brainstorming sessions to fix plot issues and our writing classes left me feeling encouraged and equipped to conquer my manuscript.

Emily Hamil

Coaching Client

Working with Sharon has sharpened my understanding of character development, which drives the entire story. Her questions prompted me to think more deeply about my characters' wounds and how they would find healing... During one session, I realized the amount of work I had ahead of me and felt discouraged. Sharon helped me break the tasks into manageable pieces and held me accountable to complete them.

Deb Sundblad

Coaching Client

Editing & Critique

Do you struggle to find guiance through courses and critiques? Have your attempts to find community at conferences and writing retreats fallen short?

Rejection is part of the writing process. But without feedback attached, it won’t help you grow in craft or confidence. That’s why Sharon’s services include written suggestions to improve your story and strengthen your prose.

  • First Chapter Critique
    In-depth commentary with an emphasis on hooking your reader.
  • Manuscript Evaluation
    Big picture overview of character arc, plot development, world building, voice, tension, etc. for an entire manuscript.
  • Development Editing
    Deep dive into big-picture items from the manuscript evaluation, which includes in-line comments to guide your revisions.
WRITERS - Critique

I am so grateful for the time and assistance Sharon was able to give me on Deeper: An Interactive Journey to Spiritual Growth. I was close to the finish line and hit a wall; with her coaching we were able to identify what obstacles were holding me back and build a weekly game plan to overcome them.

Michaela L. Carson


Sharon has an eagle eye for character development and romance. I appreciate how she can see through the explosions and action in a story and dig deep into the characters’ reactions, dissecting them for stability, character arc advancement, and relatability.

Jennifer M. Eaton

USA Today Bestselling Author

A Word from Sharon

Writing a book isn't easy. I struggled to find guidance through courses, conferences, critiques, craft books, and writing retreats, so I understand the frustration and discouragement of repeated rejection with no useful feedback.

Can you relate?

What can be worse is that most people don’t understand why we’re driven to tell stories. I got tired of watching other writers battle the same disappointments and frustrations that I faced.

That’s the main reason I pursued coaching certification through Hope*Writers. I knew I could help writers stop treading water or drowning beneath their unfinished manuscripts.

In navigating the storms of becoming an author, I discovered that talking with writers about their stories energizes me. If writing fiction or memoir is part of your God-given purpose, I want to help you.

Many writers have told me that my superpower is brainstorming. Clients say my insightful questions and conversational style are comfortable and encouraging. Me? I just LOVE talking about stories!

Are you tired of being stuck? Do you want to finish the book you’ve been writing for months—or even years?

Is it time to make your dream of writing a book come true? I’m here to help.

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