The Death of a Dream

It could be the Writer Burnout talking here, or the backlash of yet another gray day outside my window, but I think the dream is dead. More specifically, the dream I’ve nursed and coddled since I could read stories has taken the cruise over the Rainbow Bridge. Yes, my dream of being a published author …

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Do Mind Tricks Work?

On TV, the teacher or parent says the opposite of what they want a student or child to do, and presto! The child does that thing to be contrary but is in fact falling into the “trap.” Reverse psychology they call it. Surely everyone’s watched the shows. They wouldn’t fall for it. In recent months, …

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A Winter Vacation…to Winter

Most people take a vacation in wintertime to get away from snow and cold. After all, isn’t the purpose of a vacation to go somewhere different and experience something new? I’m a fan of winter vacations to warm environments. Check out my January cruise and my December trip to Hawaii or Mexico. I’m a summer …

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