Meet Sharon

I’ve been making up stories for as long as I can remember. My truest dream has always been to be a published fiction author. But a dream without a plan is just a wish. And there's a moment we all face eventually—when we either choose to pursue our purpose or let it slip away.

My rock bottom came in 2014. After years of vain attempts that fell short of my heart’s desires, I found myself flat on my face, dreams shattered. That's when He appeared over me—the Hero of Every Story—saying, "I gave you the gift of imagination. Will you trust me with the stories you’re writing?"

Okay, there wasn't a vision or booming voice. But I did have an authentic moment of reckoning.

It came after losing my grandmother, who invested time and money to nurture my writing. It came hard on the heels of a terminal diagnosis that stole my mother, who pushed me to keep reaching higher. At that low point, I was forced to acknowledge this truth: if my dreams were going to become reality, I needed to do the work.

My characters wrestle with a similar moment of truth in every story I write. And it's the truth faced at the crossroads for every aspiring writer.

After my wake-up call, I went to work writing stories of people overcoming adversity with grit, humor, and an open heart. I took classes and learned from mentors until I finally sold a short story and then several novellas. At last, my words were out in the world where they could inspire others, as the strong women in my family inspired me.

Going after a dream is always challenging. There will be struggles, stumbling, and even setbacks. But if it means fulfilling our God-given calling, it’s worth the pain. What gift will you offer the world? Mine is storytelling and helping other writers tell their stories. I'm thrilled and humbled–and honestly still terrified–now that I’m living out my purpose.

If my tales of triumph over struggle help you discover the strength of the Hero living within you, that’s the greatest possible success. And if the Hero of Every Story is pouring a tale into your heart and urging you to write it, I pray you won't wait for rock bottom before pursuing your purpose.

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I love connecting with my readers! If you are reading one of my books for your Book Club, I would love to Zoom in and say, "Hello." Click below to let me know what book you're discussing so I can check my calendar.

Work with Sharon

Sharon Hughson has published more than a dozen novellas across multiple genres and has a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature. A certified writing coach, she helps writers refine their narratives and cross the finish line of publishing their book. She lives near the Columbia River in Oregon with her husband of thirty-five years. When not reading, writing or spoiling her four grandchildren, she fuels her creativity with dark chocolate and purring cats.

Sharon is a talented and masterful author/coach who brings a unique blend of wisdom and practicality to her coaching. When I started working with Sharon, I was overwhelmed at the huge task of writing my first novel. But Sharon helped me to break down the myriad ideas of how to write a book into simple steps and encouraged fun in my writing again. Her encouragement and belief in me helped me to push aside lingering discouragement and gave me the push I needed to move my story forward. Sharon is exactly what I need to finish my book.

Vickie Bakken

Coaching Client

Sharon listened with grace and quickly discerned the heart of the matter. I appreciated her ability to help me drill down on practicalities. She pushed me to implement my ideas! I appreciated her follow-up emails that summarized our session and offered me encouragement and affirmation of my gifts. Thanks, Sharon!

Melissa Smith

Author & Creativity Coach