Sharon Hughson

Sharon Lee spent her youth talking to animals, who never replied, until she escaped to Narnia, where animals did talk back. The magical portal of reading made her a dream weaver. Now, she invites fantasy addicts and dreamers to time travel into immortal, mystical realms.

Bestsellers Don’t Have to Follow Rules and It Irritates Me

What’s in a name? For one thing, certain names sell books. Those bestselling authors no longer have to follow the “rules” to get published or sell books. I think that stinks. Seriously. Furthermore, it’s one of the main reasons I rarely buy and just as infrequently read books written by multimillionaire bestselling authors.You know, authors …

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Confessions of an Exercise-a-holic

Hello. My name is Sharon. I’m an addict. Yes, I freely admit it, I’m addicted to exercise. What? You don’t think that’s a REAL addiction? And why is that? Because exercise is supposed to be good for you and that means you can’t be addicted to it? Vegetables are good for you, and there are …

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The Health and Happiness Society

I wish there was a Health and Happiness Society in my neighborhood. Doesn’t it sound fantastic? Who doesn’t want health and happiness in their life? The Health and Happiness Society is a series by Katie Cross. I read the first book in the series in October of 2018 and finished the fifth book on August …

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Setting My Self “Free”

I haven’t been bound to a regular, full-time job outside my home for five years. Searching for one isn’t fun in this LinkedIn, Zoom interview paradigm either. That’s why I’m setting myself free. I mentioned this earlier. Months ago? Time bleeds, sweeping the months of this crazy year into a gushing wound in need of …

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