Sharon Hughson

Sharon Lee spent her youth talking to animals, who never replied, until she escaped to Narnia, where animals did talk back. The magical portal of reading made her a dream weaver. Now, she invites fantasy addicts and dreamers to time travel into immortal, mystical realms.

Have you joined a writing community?

Community plays an important role in physical and mental health. For a writer, community is essential to move beyond the status quo. Or it was essential for this writer. For years, I attended classes and wrote in my spare time. Everything I dreamed up seemed fun and unique. I learned from the classes (most offered …

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Three Battles Every Writer Faces

Life is a battlefield (I know Pat Benatar said it was LOVE, but let’s get real). If you’re living the writing life, there are specific battles to face. And win. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you write magazine articles or enter flash fiction contents. If your work in progress is a nonfiction self-help …

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Top Four Things I Love about Scrivener

Writers need writing software. I’ve been writing with Scrivener for eight years, and I love many things about using this software. Especially how easily it helps me organize my writing. When you talk about software, some programs have a hefty price tag. Others need to include a class on how to use it. For the …

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How Often to Write – Part Two

Last week, we went head-to-head with experts about the idea that a person should write every day. Read that post here. Today, we’ll talk about two other things to consider while determining how often you should write to keep your muscles toned and stories flowing. Find Your Inspiration Another question I’ve often asked my clients …

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