Sharon Hughson

Sharon Lee spent her youth talking to animals, who never replied, until she escaped to Narnia, where animals did talk back. The magical portal of reading made her a dream weaver. Now, she invites fantasy addicts and dreamers to time travel into immortal, mystical realms.

Teaching Research Writing

Back in the saddle again. Or make that the same language arts classroom. And I’m not surprised that this group of students isn’t embracing the teacher’s lesson plan to “read the textbook.” After all, the class is called Research Writing for a reason. Lucky for them, this isn’t a boring textbook (and my experience as …

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Do Mind Tricks Work?

On TV, the teacher or parent says the opposite of what they want a student or child to do, and presto! The child does that thing to be contrary but is in fact falling into the “trap.” Reverse psychology they call it. Surely everyone’s watched the shows. They wouldn’t fall for it. In recent months, …

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The Reflections Series is Complete

Today, we welcome Mary of Bethany into the Reflections family. Although her paperback has been live for several weeks, today’s the official birthday for digital copies. Believe me, that’s something Miss Mary never would have conceived of during her lifetime. Take a look at this cover. It’s a thing of beauty. Orphan to Saint: A …

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An Author in Creative Writing Class

I haven’t been subbing much this school year. This has been great for getting organized and dealing with my burnout issues but not so great for my bank account. Imagine my surprise when I opened the sub plans for my first job in 2020 and discovered I’d be teaching creative writing. Creative writing!! It’s like …

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