Remembering…on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the official start of summer tourist season. That’s how we celebrate it because most of us don’t remember what we’re supposed to remember today.

Families gather around their backyard barbecue grills or pools. There is laughter, food, fun. Most companies in the United States give their employees a paid holiday.

Life is good.

But who remembers? Who takes time to celebrate the day as its creators intended?

I admit, I don’t.

My grandmother and her sister did. Every year, they bought flowers and headed to the cemetery located near their family home. They spruced up the headstones of their grandparents, parents, siblings and spouses.

In truth, the holiday is set aside to honor those who fell in battle. All of those people did not. In fact, I’m not sure any of them did. But my grandmother and Aunt Dorothy took time to remember loved ones who had passed away. They honored them by making their gravesites attractive.

It’s much closer to keeping the meaning of the holiday than anything I’ve ever done. At least on a consistent basis.

But today, I’m taking a mindful moment to think about the men and women who gave their lives so I could enjoy the freedom to write whatever I want in this virtual space. Yesterday, I worshiped God the way I believe is right. Earlier this month, I voted. Not everyone in the world has these rights and privileges.

Thank you, Lord, for brave men and women willing to stand between me and those who would take away the liberty I love.

How will you remember on this Memorial Day?

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