Coaching is CARING

Coaching is not mentoring. Coaching is not consulting or critiquing. But I’m learning that coaching is CARING.

What’s with the capitalization of that word?

It’s an acronym. In fact, it’s the acronym I’m learning in my coaching certification program. Each letter stands for one step in the process I use during a session to move a writer from stuck to eager for action.

C is Connection

If you didn’t trust someone, you wouldn’t ask them to help you. Especially not with something as private, personal, and important as the story you’re writing.

That’s why the first step in any successful coaching call is connecting with the client.

No, we aren’t friends in this professional relationship, but I do care about you and what’s happening in your life. Those things are informing your writing and to ignore them would make me less able to guide you to writing success.

A means Attend and Assess

Both coach and client have to be present for a session to reap positive outcomes.

It’s my job to attend to what you’re really saying. I need to listen. And watch your body language for cues.

This is deep listening, not the kind that is waiting for the speaker to take a breath so it can make its own point.

Then I’ll ask questions and assess each answer, mining it for gold nuggets that give me insight into what you’re truly struggling with.

Believe me, it’s not easy for a talker like me to listen hard, but I’m learning.

Reach Clarity: the whole point of why you hired a coach

Inspire Action: but what’s the point of knowing the problem if you aren’t going to actively solve it?

Navigate Obstacles

Yes, there are rocks to climb and crevasses to cross on our Everest writing journey.

That’s why you have Sherpa Sharon as your guide. She’s going to ask insightful questions and help you dig deep into your own genius. Together, we’ll discover how to work around the barriers so you can move forward.

Generate Commitment

Let’s face it, we can talk for an hour every week and make amazing action plans each time, but if you’re not committed to complete those plans, nothing will change.

Nothing changes until you change it.

It’s Sherpa Sharon’s job to excite you to meet the challenge. You can scale the mountain of publishing one committed step at a time.

Does this sound interesting?

I’m taking clients for sessions beginning in December. I’d love to work with you. Snag a free appointment to discuss how I can help you on the epic climb to being published.

Can’t wait to see you on the mountain, my friend!

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