Waiting Again

This poem was posted last year on the blog (with minor changes),but since I’m waiting again, it seemed pertinent. Again.

When I’m anticipating
A certain answer
Something cringes
While I’m waiting

The moment tension’s abating
Over that caller ID
Or a specific email
That I’ve been awaiting

There’s no sense understating
The emotional swirl
When the answer comes
After many weeks waiting

My heart’s palpitating
Chest tightens as I
Hold my breath to read
The message I’m awaiting

As the software’s updating
I imagine the
Perfect answer
The one I’ve been waiting

To hear
To see
To read
To receive

It makes all that waiting
Worth it
In the end
After days of aggravating

Waiting is part of the writing life. We wait for the right idea. Some wait for inspiration to write. There’s waiting to hear back from queries and submissions. Even after we have a contract, we wait to hear from the editor, to see the cover and for that release date to arrive.

I’m not the best at waiting. In the past few months, the process has fed my depression and added anxiety, something I’ve never struggled with before.

It seems like, if something is meant to happen, it should happen. Now. Not next week and surely not next month.

The truth is, some things I’ve been waiting on for years. Years. How does a person not lose hope?

Right now, I’m waiting for clear direction about which genre to write. Today’s devotional time seemed to imply I should write whatever is gnawing at me today.

So I did. And I wrote this blog, too. Because staying in touch with my readers is definitely something I don’t need to wait to do.

How about you? What are you waiting for right now? What emotions are stirring while you wait?

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