Water Falls

Water falls and feels no fear. Water falls into new depths. Water plunges and rushes onward. There’s no hesitation with water.

Some days, I wish I could take the plunge into the unknown with unaffected abandon. Let go of the worries. Fall of the precipice, spread hope like a parasail and glide to new heights.

Except water falls. I’m sure I will fall, too. The depths will drown me.

I’ve been drowning before. It’s a nightmarish way to go. I’ve requested a different route to Heaven.

I won’t rush onward off the precipice. I’ll step back, waffle, and try to find a safer way down to the new pool.

From above, it looks dark and murky. The ripples of the water give an illusion of crystal purity, but I’m not deceived. I’ve been buried in that darkness before.

Passion followed leads to purpose fulfilled. This is what I’m learning through my study to eliminate limiting beliefs. It’s being reinforced in the advance copy of PASSION TO PURPOSE by Amy McLaren.

Take the plunge. Enjoy the journey. Fear is part of the exhilaration for humans because unlike water, we will feel things.

When those feelings stop us from pursuing the best opportunities, they become chains rather than wings.

If I must fall before I can fly, then I’m glad there’s a safety net beneath me. A God who knows and cares and watches and will never let me be destroyed.

He gave me the passion. He waits for me to fulfill the purpose.

How long will he wait? How soon will I give myself to the river—like a waterfall—and take the plunge of faith?

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