Taking a Break

Everyone needs a vacation. Yes, even writers who love what they do need to take a break from it on occasion.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ll be on vacation from blogging and posting on social media for the month of August.

My Vacation

The truth? I am taking a physical vacation with my sister. We’re flying to the East Coast to visit our older brother. I’ll be checking another state off my list and enjoying quality time with family.

Will I be resting?

Nope. But I’ll be living. And soaking up experiences that can inspire and energize future writing projects.

When was the last time you took a vacation? From writing, yes, and from your daily life?

What I’m Working On

When I return from my trip, I’ll be busy working on an intensive I’m launching this fall.

It’s called Write Your Book in 90 Days.

Yes, I’ve seen ads for something similar on Facebook. Although, I doubt it’s anything like what I’ve planned.

I plan to write my next book at the same time I’m coaching others through writing their book.

If you’re a writer and that sounds interesting, sign up for my coaching email list. I’ll be sending those folks all the details about when to sign up and what is included in the intensive.

Here’s a hint: there’s a Live call with me each week where I talk about the writing we’ll be doing that week. There will be time to ask questions.

I’ll post daily encouragement in a Facebook group, and participants can post their rants, struggles and questions, too. I envision it as a major brainstorming session with a side helping of accountability and motivation.

What You Can Do While I’m Gone

Next week, I’ll post the monthly fiction. It’s an excerpt from my next book. I’ll be releasing more information about that this fall, too.

I’ve got the manuscript back from my beta readers. Here’s what they’re saying:

“I really enjoyed the read, and I find myself thinking about Lacey, Krista, and Merci and reflecting on their story.”

“This was very moving and relatable. “

While you’re waiting for me to return to regular posting, here are some things you can do:

  • Read posts you missed
  • Check out the resources for writers
  • Read (and review) my books
  • Take your own vacation from social media

You know I’m a huge proponent of disconnecting from our smart phones at least one day per week. I’ve been doing a fast every Sunday since May 2020, and I’ve got no regrets.

In fact, I can return to the social media circus on Monday with fresh eyes and renewed energy. Who doesn’t want that?

Thanks for being a faithful reader and understanding that taking a break for a month is one method of self-care.

When was the last time you took an extended vacation from social media?

What do you think? Add to the discussion here.