Finish Writing Your Book by November 30

While I’ve been absent from this blog space this month, I’ve been busy preparing to help serious writers finally write “the end” on the book they’ve dreamed of writing.

I’m talking about the Write Your Book in 90 Days intensive I’m leading from September 1, 2022 through November 27, 2022. Check out this video for a quick overview of the program.

Let’s be clear, during this intensive, I will be writing my next book.

On Monday, I’ll post an accountability post in the private group we’ll use for all our interaction. These might be different each week but will include goal setting, time management, and other methods for keeping us accountable to writing the book in 90 days.

Each week, I will give a quick lesson about what I’m working on. The first week, I’ll talk about planning the story. For me, this involves laying out the story beats and creating a character sketch for each narrator.

The lesson portion will be live on Zoom at the same time every week. For this intensive, that time is Tuesday mornings at 10 AM Pacific.

Each live training will end with an open question and answer session. First, questions spurred by the lesson will be addressed. If time remains in the allotted hour, I’ll open it up for questions about anything related to writing your story.

Wednesday through Friday, I’ll post encouraging memes or quotes. Anyone will be able to post questions if they get stumped during the week, and everyone can offer encouragement and advice on these posts. I will respond to every single one of them.

On Saturday, I’ll pop in live to report how my writing went for the week. I’ll ask a question and hope for a similar accounting in the comments section of those video posts.

If you think you would make more progress writing your book if you had this sort of guidance, encouragement, and accountability, I hope you’ll join us.

Do you give yourself deadlines when you start a writing project? Why or why not?

What do you think? Add to the discussion here.