Time to Count Those Blessings

Thanksgiving Day comes once a year. And I really should count my blessings more frequently than that.

It’s disconcerting that I can easily focus on the bad things, the stressors, and making plans (that often don’t pan out), but when someone asks, “What are you most thankful for this year?” I need to think.

Sometimes more than a minute.

Sad, my friend.

Because my blessings are more numerous than my woes. And science tells me focusing on the positive can improve my mood as much as a thirty-minute walk.

So this year during the month of November when I generally post #30daysofgratitude, I’m going to list my blessings.

Feel free to scroll to the end. That’s when it’s your turn.

  • A husband
  • Who has a good-paying job he enjoys
  • Good health
  • Access to health care when I need it
  • Friendship with my sister
  • Same sister is my biggest fan
  • Two healthy sons who are hard-working, productive citizens
  • A country where I’m basically free to live as I want
  • Two daughters who love my sons
  • Shana, the lovely girl who gives me three years of Lolly bliss
  • Michael, whose boundless energy reminds me of younger days
  • Karina, whose quiet smiles are like a trip to Heaven
  • Freya with abounding curiosity that reminds me of her dad
  • That I have good memories and can recall them
  • A beautiful home
  • Comfy bed
  • Waking up this morning
  • A car I enjoy driving
  • A church to attend
  • A church family
  • The Bible so I can hear from God
  • Writers to coach
  • Stories to edit
  • Stories to write
  • Creativity

And I could go on and on and on, but I hope you get the point

When was the last time you wrote down the good things in life? Take time to count your blessings today.

2 thoughts on “Time to Count Those Blessings”

    1. I know we both write one to three things each morning, but I need to take more time several times per year to write a larger list.
      Today, I wrote in my journal that I was grateful for laughter. Even thinking about it now makes me smile.
      Your idea of reading our list of blessings when negative thoughts try to overwhelm us is a great one.

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