What is Mentoring?

This month, I turned my blog into more of a teaching platform. We all know what teachers do, but what is thing called mentoring? A mentor is someone who advises or trains someone (especially a younger colleague) says the dictionary. I’m not a huge fan of this definition because that makes it sound like mentors …

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You Said Video Would Gain Exposure

Facebook algorithms favor video. Oh, and groups. So, to get the best organic exposure on facebook, post videos in your groups. Sure. Whatever you say. Who said it? People who know all about making your brand stand out. Professionals who are PAID to make videos that bring in customers. But I’m an author. I’m not …

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The Headaches of a Dream Come True

Rat-a-tat-ta-tat. The sound echoes from behind the closed patio doors clear at the opposite end of the house. A headache pulses in my temples. No dream comes without a few headaches. Case in point: my dream patio One day we were talking to a landscape designer who was giving us the brush-off. After all, we …

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Is my house really sold? After The Inspection

It’s finally a done deal – maybe. “In Oregon, the real estate contract really shows favoritism to the buyer.” My realtor said these exact words before presenting us with this offer. It almost felt like someone held a gun to my head. Was it the thought of having two house payments? The idea that people …

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A Daughter – Finally!

I have two handsome sons. In December 2015 January 2016, I will finally get a daughter! No, this isn’t the longest pregnancy in the history of womankind. It doesn’t involve childbirth at ALL. My youngest son is getting married. I love my new daughter-to-be. Besides making my son happy (which is important to Mama Bear), …

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Painting and Packing and Storage, oh my!

I have been wielding a paintbrush since my earliest years. Most of the time, it had nothing to do with artistic pursuits and everything to do with remodeling the house we lived in. My experience is now expanding to include packing and staging. When the professional stager (yes, it is a real thing) entered my …

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