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More Reasons to Love Your Friday

Can you believe it’s July? And it’s Friday. (I actually heard Friday in song.) That means it’s time to review this week’s gratitude memes. I thank the person who actually read to the bottom of last week’s memes. You know, where I asked what my readers thought about the “new” sarcastic/funny memes. She gave them a …

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The New Year is Here

Can you believe it is 2015? What happened to 2014? 2013? Is it my imagination, or is time speeding up? I’ve been busy setting goals for this new year. I try to break it up with personal goals, writing goals and spiritual goals. What about you? What are your goals for this sparkling new year?

Pictoral tour down the Street of Dreams

Maybe you’re not from Oregon, so driving out to (or is that up) to Happy Valley isn’t really an option. Maybe you think $15 per person to walk through five houses is a poor use of your financial resources. Perhaps the idea of walking through more than 24,000 square feet of house you could never …

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