3 thoughts on “Dream Home Selfie”

    1. I’m glad to see your dream of publishing a novel coming to fruition. I will keep working toward that goal, as well. And once I sell millions, I still won’t live in a 5,000 square foot house!

      1. I would, in a heartbeat. In fact, my dream home is around 12,000 square feet. There would be suites for my kids and their families. There would be a huge kitchen for socializing that looks out onto a huge, open family room. Lots of windows and light. huge bedroom for me, a walk-in closet where I can sit and get dressed. A gigantic his-hers bathroom with a waterfall shower, a sunken tub. There would also be a 4000 square foot mother-in-law home in the back by the tiered pool and waterfall – all overlooking the most beautiful moutain and lake view EVER! Wildlife will come to my doors. The sky will be clear, the stars bright and the air crisp and clean. And surrounding me in all this glory will be my friends, my family and it will also serve as a writer’s retreat for all my writer friends. That’s my dream home.

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