You Said Video Would Gain Exposure

Facebook algorithms favor video. Oh, and groups. So, to get the best organic exposure on facebook, post videos in your groups.

Sure. Whatever you say.

Who said it? People who know all about making your brand stand out. Professionals who are PAID to make videos that bring in customers.

But I’m an author. I’m not selling a class. And, sadly, I’m not selling many books either. But if I get my face out there, people will hunt down my stories.

Hey. No need to hunt. I’ll provide the links.

But, apparently, the quest is part of the excitement. Or something.

So I took a course about making videos to share my brand.


But one is never enough. In fact, once a week is probably not enough.

My unplanned videos got the best views.

When I tried to only post the video to my group, only two people watched it. Of course, there are only 20 members (maybe) in the group, I shouldn’t have been surprised.


So I went back to posting live on my author page. And my sister watched.

Of course, I didn’t really announce that I would be going live. I need to do that. Maybe more people would show up if I did that. Maybe I’ll do that next week.

If I wait until the evening when more people might be on Facebook, maybe that will get me more views, too.

Who knows?

All I know is that I fumble for something to talk about in these videos, and no one comments to give me any ideas.


So, here I am posting a video or three on my blog. Because a few people read that, right? Maybe they’ll watch the videos and leave me some feedback.

I wish building my brand and audience worked the way the “professionals” said it would.

If wishes were riches, I’d own a small country.

If you’re reading this, what do you wish an author would talk about on live videos? If you watched the videos, what would make them more engaging?

5 thoughts on “You Said Video Would Gain Exposure”

  1. Personally, I always find it annoying when people put all their content in videos. I don’t watch videos online unless I can get the information no other way (and really need it!), because my computer doesn’t have speakers, so I’ve got to dig out the headphones, plug them in etc, and really I can’t be bothered. Plus I have trouble remembering things I’ve only heard and not seen, so it’s usually a waste of time as I’ll forget whatever was said anyway.

    That said, I’m probably a late adopter in most areas of technology, and I don’t use Facebook at all, so don’t take me as a representative sample! My desk has more books and fountain pens than digital devices on it. Actually, at the moment it has more teapots than digital devices, but I need to declutter at least one of them…

    1. Declutter? A teapot from your desk?
      And I’m still fumbling around trying to figure out how to brand myself in videos. Sitting around in my office with notebooks scattered everywhere and talking about make-believe people and possible story problems is my “real life.” Don’t know how engaging that is on video.
      Don’t worry, I do one live video per week on social media. My blogs will all be written words…with maybe a video thrown in on occasion (not of me but of something I’m discussing). I’m considering posting a video introduction of myself on my website (using something clever like tying all the titles of my published works into the story of my life).

      1. There are three teapots on my desk: one large silver one containing tea, and two small china ones waiting to be tested to see which of them is less ‘widdly’ when pouring. The widdliest will be shown the door.
        Best of luck with the videos!

  2. Nice office tour!
    Ask questions: what kind of characters do you like to read about? DO pets or animals make the story more inviting to you as a reader? Is the setting -locale a big draw to you for reading the book? Do you enjoy reading about families and their intracasies or single people and the budding relationship? What about time period? I like real life problems, whether the main characters are single, married, have children or grown children. I still enjoy reading stories about women of All age groups. I think that you need to send out an event date for your weekly video, and invite FB friends to it – and then hold your live video at that time in the evening. I think that you will get more engagement and comments. Also, you have to give it about 6 months of effort at least to see if it is working for you.

    1. I plan to keep going through the end of the year. I would make an event and invite everyone on FB, but I’m never sure if a time will work for me. Maybe I’ll start announcing that on the first Tuesday night of September, I’ll to live at 5 PM. Or should I make it 7 PM? I don’t even know. I figured I would change the time once I find out when people actually watch.

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