A Different Sort of Family Vacation

For several decades, family vacations were defined in a certain way. But as with all of life, things change. My most recent vacation to the South was a different sort of family vacation for me. However, that means next to nothing if the “norm” of family vacations remains undefined. Welcome to the earlier definitions of …

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I must have been the worst mother ever

I love cats. They fill crevices in my heart with warmth. But they’re animals. I’m not really their mother. So why do I worry about them more than I remember worrying about my kids? Case In Point We planned our week away several months in advance. And I contracted someone to stay at the house …

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Happy Birthday to my biggest fan

Every author wants to have someone who believes in their writing so much they’ll buy it without blinking at the price. Some writers have fans like this who they’ve never met in real life. I have my sister. And today is her birthday. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to let everyone know what …

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Still feeling grateful in August

So did you guys miss it when I didn’t post my week of gratitude memes last Saturday? Sometimes, I feel like these posts go out into a void. No comments. No likes. Okay, that sounded like whining. Which is totally the opposite of gratitude. On to this week’s memes! Monday Yep. Guacamole is a healthy …

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A Cherished Journal

Life is never appreciated quite so much as when Death comes calling. The same is true of this journal chosen for the 2016 Cherished Blogfest. As a writer, I have stacks of journals. Finely bound books with gorgeous illustrations… Spiral notebooks covered in scrawling ink and lead… And then there’s the Cherished Journal. After I …

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