One Wonderful Year of Being Lolly

I’ve been a Lolly for a year. A year? Who can believe this? Not this Lolly or her associated Pop.

A year? It can’t be. Time flows faster the older I get. Yes, I said it. It’s the closest you’ll get to a public admission that I might be getting older. Not old, Darrin. Older. (And for the record, YOU will always be older than me, cousin mine.)

On April 17, 2019, my first granddaughter arrived in the world.

Shana on her BIRTH DATE

She was a precious bundle, and her arrival was the most anticipated event of the year.

Lolly and Pop took time out of every Sunday to see the sweet girl.

She grew and changed, but one thing remained the same: she brought joy to our lives.

How can this smile do anything but lift a heart?

We loved spending time with her. She came and stayed at our house for a week when she was not quite four months old. Oh, her mama came too. She was working in a nearby town, so Lolly got to play caregiver.

And when Great Aunt Connie came to stay, there might have been some Shana-doll dress up days.

The Hughsons had a family camping trip. Shana stole the show. This is my favorite photo of her and Pop. My heart nearly burst with love each time I see it.

We learned we would be getting another grandchild, and that was reason to celebrate with shopping trips. My friends say that the first grandchild always holds a special place in grandma’s heart.

That may be so, but I know my own Gram had plenty of love to offer me and I was her FOURTH grandchild. I never felt anything less than loved unconditionally by Gram. I’m hoping and praying I can offer the same to my grandchildren.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Who wouldn’t want to spoil this package of sweetness?

Sweetest Shana Santa

Then came the day I became Lolly to a little boy.

Meet my second bundle of grandmotherly joy: Michael Jeffrey.

Pop with our Grandson

It will be a blessing to spend time with both of my loves. At the moment, the pandemic and stay home order have kept me from weekly trips I’d planned to bond with my new grandson and plans I’d made to watch my precious granddaughter each week while her mama worked.

Instead of having a big first birthday party for our girl, we attended our first ever virtual party. My daughter did a fabulous job decorating their living room and making a cute cake for Shana.

The family

We’re learning to make the most of what we have. I was thankful for the technology that made such an event possible.

Yes, I’d rather fill my arms with my grandbabies. I love to kiss their cheeks. But until I can do that, my heart overflows with love and joy.

Sweet Michael at five weeks

A year of being Lolly has taught me a new definition for joy: grandchildren.

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