From the Archives: “I’m Not a Playwright”

Republishing a post from the early days of my blog…back when I was earning my college degree and had to write a “Ten-Minute Script.” This was first published on my middleagedcoed WordPress blog on February 9, 2013. What do you think? Words well within me, an unquenchable passion, until my fingers transfer them to the …

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Research: method not madness

Knowing how to do research is a real-life skill. It’s something kids should be taught early and continue to practice throughout their 12 to 16 years of education to keep their skills honed. The best news about this is that research is uber-simple in our internet-driven society. Most kids these days don’t even know what an …

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When Chicks Fly from the Nest – Literally

Our world is shrinking. We’re part of a “global community.” But does that really mean we have to let our children fly thousands of miles away from us? Today, my youngest son boards a plane with two stops before arriving in the Middle East for a three-week educational tour. I’m excited for him – thrilled …

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What do you want to do when you grow up?

When I first started school I wanted to be a teacher. Who wouldn’t want to boss everyone around? By fourth grade, I loved making up stories, so I decided I wanted to be a novelist. Later…solving mysteries seemed exciting, so how about becoming an FBI agent? Like most kids, my thoughts about the future vacillated from …

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Expecting Your Kid to Go to College could be the Wrong Idea

College. Everyone needs to go to college. This is what the media, the president, and most teachers tell young people. In grade school, they start talking to you about college. What college are you considering? What do you want to be when you grow up? Yes, you need a college degree to be a fireman. Yes, …

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Graduation Day

June 15 at 10:00 am, the commencement ceremony begins at Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls. The stadium teems with parents, grandparents and friends. I have a tissue (or four) ready. My oldest son sits on the field below us. Since I didn’t attend my graduation ceremony (traveling to New Hampshire wasn’t as important …

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After Graduation

This time of year, people all over America are asking the question, “What happens after graduation?” Does this middle-aged coed have an original question? Well, no, but my answer comes more quickly to my lips than what a high school graduate might flippantly toss into conversation. I might even have a more definitive plan than …

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Still Learning at Every Age

This is borrowed from Carla Foote the blog manager for Weekly Refill. “Apparently when Michelangelo (painter, sculptor, architect, poet – original Renaissance man) was 87 years old he said, “Ancora imparo” – I am still learning. Reasons to stop learning (most of us won’t articulate these, but they are in the back of our minds when …

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