Graduation Celebration

When you arrive at a fork in the road, take it” – Yogi Berra

One journey culminates with a gathering of people whose support made the journey bearable.

I’m proud to display my outstanding graduate award and as soon as my diploma arrives in the mail, I’ll be putting it in a place of honor as well.

My motto: Don't just do it, do it best
My motto: Don’t just do it, do it best

Unfortunately, the end of this road means the beginning of another one. There is no standing still in life – only moving forward.

I’ve already laid out my writing schedule (along with my summer list of projects that need to be completed around the house). For more on this, come back in two weeks.

Today, however, my son, my niece and I will celebrate our accomplishment with family and friends. Feasting on homemade food, the three of us will bask in the glory of this moment.

Then, we’ll begin again. A job hunt for my son will eventually yield him a paid position, the first of many in his working life. Beginning a Master’s program is up next for my niece.

Fortunately, all of you will get to join me as my quest for completing a young adult fantasy novel becomes central. I’ll throw my name into a few hats for paid gigs. But mostly, I’ll do the work in order to reap the benefits of my perseverance.

In fact, completing my Bachelor of Arts degree only reaffirms that I am capable of climbing the mountain named Publishing and leaving my flag atop it.

6 thoughts on “Graduation Celebration”

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I don’t read political blogs (lack of time more than lack of interest) and I’m not sure which contributor from your page is commenting on mine, but I’m glad to inform or entertain anyone – anywhere.

  1. Congratulations again! It was an enjoyable celebration! Often times we are so busy that we over look or don’t take the time to enjoy the accomplishment, and just continue on the journey without giving it much notice. A time of
    appreciation for what was completed is necessary, whether it is savored alone or in the company of a few or many friends and family! Sweetness should be savored, victory should be celebrated! Both the big and the small.

    1. Amen! Yesterday was the first time I really reflected on what I had finished because I have been thinking so much about what is next. It was nice to slow down and just bask in it for a few hours.
      Thanks for the food (just ate another egg) and gifts.

  2. Congratulations! From this point forevermore you may NOT say you are not a writer, or not a published writer, or not a…. ANYTHING NEGATIVE TO DO WITH WRITING! So say we all!

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