Now Titled Appropriately: Mimi and the Banker

With eighty reviews on Amazon, this book is the most widely read of all my published works. That’s why I couldn’t let it become unpublished when I got my rights back April 1. Instead, I gave it a slightly different title that fit with the content (after all, it was one of the major peeves …

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How I Stub My Toe on Genre

During this season of rest, I’ve been experimenting writing various genres, hoping something will incite my passion for writing once more. This exercise revealed a few truths; the first: genre is a rock bent on stubbing my writing muscles. I already knew this. I learned it in various ways: Creating a brand for my website …

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A Fun Look into Match-Making

No, this is not an episode of HOW IT’S MADE. I’m talking about romantic matchmaking…not the manufacture of match sticks. Although both of them can lead to fire. A matchmaker is a trouble maker. Okay, that’s not the dictionary definition. But if you’ve ever been subjected to matchmaking by someone, you know first-hand that it …

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Writing “The End”

November. It’s golden leaves turn brown and crunch beneath the soles of my shoes. (Shoes and socks?! Ugh!) Then the wind blows them away. Meanwhile…at my computer… National Novel Writing Month compels me to write at least 50,000 words. For the past five years, I’ve attempted to accomplish this feat before Thanksgiving. Since the first …

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Time for TRUTH to Debut

Today, Roane Publishing releases TRUTH, a new romance novel. Hiding secrets is a huge theme in genre fiction. But the truth always comes out. I read Truth by Avery Woods in August. Look for my review on Thursday. Blurb Sometimes you shouldn’t ask questions you aren’t prepared to hear the answers to… Cori Winters life seems …

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Spice up your summer with SPICE BRINGER

I read fantasy. Fantasy makes me happy. And there are a few authors who I will always pick up their books. H.L. Burke, author of SPICE BRINGER, is one of those. I’m in Ms. Burke’s “fan” group on Facebook. I’ve been hearing about this book since it was an idea that was keeping her from …

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