Now Titled Appropriately: Mimi and the Banker

With eighty reviews on Amazon, this book is the most widely read of all my published works. That’s why I couldn’t let it become unpublished when I got my rights back April 1. Instead, I gave it a slightly different title that fit with the content (after all, it was one of the major peeves of early readers.)

What used to be Mommy Loves the Banker, book four in the now unpublished Mommy’s Little Matchmakers series, has become a contemporary women’s fiction called Mimi and the Banker.

As I mentioned last week, all of my rights for books published with Sweet Promise Press are coming back to me on August 1, 2020. At that point, I will be a mostly indie author with only two short stories in anthologies published with small presses.

Have you read my most reviewed title? Here’s what a few readers are saying:

Five stars from Diane Boadle:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Mummy Loves the Banker”. It was a light chic novel which was easy to read and kept me turning the pages to see if Lilly and Poppy succeeded in their plan of getting Lilly’s g-pa and Poppy’s Mimi together.

Philomena gave it five stars and called it “My Favorite Love Story”:

Great that the protagonists are grandparents for once. The love story was built up crackling and heartwarming and successfully completed. I’m sure I’ll read the book again!

Note Lori’s only criticism in her four-star review:

I enjoyed this cute, fun story about two best friends trying to bring their grandparents together. One grandparent is divorced and the other one lost his wife ten years ago. Both grandparents help raise their granddaughters. I enjoyed the side story of Mimi trying to maintain her small business that her ex husband thought was just a hobby. I also enjoyed her growing as a person after her divorce. It was good to see how the grandparents handled the bulling issues at the baseball games and practices when the parents did not do anything to stop the problems toward the granddaughters. My only criticism is the title did not not really match up with the book since it is not about her mommy loving the banker. Perhaps a better title would be Mimi and the Banker. I received an advance copy of this book and I willingly chose to write an honest review.

Why not grab your copy today and see if you agree? It’s free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Blurb and All That

Being a grandparent is sweeter than a batch of cookies until life complicates things.

Aspiring entrepreneur Meredith Williams’s life imploded the day her husband of twenty years walked away. With nothing to loose, she relocates to a new town and attempts to fill her daughter’s shoes as a stand-in mommy. She longs to prove her ex didn’t know what he was talking about when he called her lotion-making a hobby. Unfortunately, she’s going to need a small loan to make this new dream a reality.

Conflicted bank manager Donavan Anders struggles to find balance in his job. He dreams of helping small businesses, but Corporate keeps tightening their lending policies, meaning he has to say no far more than his conscience likes. The last thing he wants to do is reject Meri’s application, especially since he’s instantly attracted to the sharp-tongued, industrious grandmother.

When their granddaughters become the victims of a little league bully, these grandparents need to step up their game and nip the situation in the bud. Before long, the matchmaking minors begin working on a plan of their own—to help their stubborn grandparents see that they’re overdue for a happily ever after.

Can these little league granddaughters hit this love match out of the park? Or will they be tagged out before they even have a chance to swing?

Also, FREE today only is this book:

Can their relationship survive when life piles on the stress? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Jazlyn Rolle feels the weight of the world on her shoulders after finding a runaway foster child in Sweet Grove, Texas. She wasn’t looking forward to returning to Austin and her paralegal job, but too many children need her help. Children who remind her of her boyfriend, Bailey Travers.

Bailey Travers spent his childhood being a victim of his abusive father. When he learns the man is out on parole, and after his sister at their ranch, he steps in to protect her from the nightmares of their past. As he and Jaz reach out for help, will they realize it has been with them from the start?

If you enjoy stories of couples who overcome the odds, then you’ll love the final leg of Jaz and Bailey’s path to happily ever after.

(This is one of five books that will disappear forever on August 1, so grab it now. It’s my second most-reviewed title with 43 reviews averaging 4.7 stars. )

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