My Month of Heroic Deeds

Everyone needs a hero. Some days, anyone can be a hero.

I’d like to claim that I’m the most heroic person in my neighborhood. But I’m not even sure I can say I’m a hero among those in my office. At the moment, that’s nobody but me.

The thing is the smallest things can be heroic.


Check out my little deeds of heroism:

  • I didn’t eat the last piece of cake (and not just because someone snagged it before me).
  • I cleaned out the cat box (more than twice in one week even)
  • I made spaghetti sauce from scratch
  • I took a friend to birthday on his birthday (actually, my husband bought the dinner but it was MY idea)
  • I washed the dishes after cooking dinner (she who cooks should NOT clean)
  • I managed to cancel my premium subscription to an app on my phone (this is harder to do than it sounds)
  • I bit my tongue when I wanted to make a truthful yet sour remark
  • I made coffee after six PM even though I couldn’t drink any
  • You didn’t hear me complaining about the heat when the thermometer rose past 100 degrees
  • My husband kept both hands when he dug in my bag of dark chocolate treats. (I snarled at him but didn’t bite)

Sometimes you have to laugh at all the small things or else the big things crush you.

If you need help locating the small things that are smile-worthy, check out my gratitude memes.

How were you a hero this month?

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