Wonder Woman flies over Vegas

Wonder Woman and I have become inseparable these past few months. I mean, she really likes appearing in her own weekly column. I like the benefits of handing with a tough gal no one messes with.

Then my husband headed to Las Vegas for a convention. Something about virtual machines. If you know what that is, you’re way ahead of me. He even explained it to me…and it sounded like Chinese.

When I mentioned the trip to my bud WW, she arched her eyebrow at me.

No, I’m not making that up.

Only a short time on the Strip and I totally understood her agreement to “fly over” but not land in Sin City, Nevada.

What’s Not to Love?

I’ve only been to Vegas one other time. It never held much appeal for me.

It’s not just the lovely nickname that lacked attractiveness either.

“But the shows are cool.” This is the argument my husband used to get me here for a convention with him in March of 2014.

And while I did enjoy the show we attended, I couldn’t afford to see any of the headliner acts. Well, maybe “afford” is the incorrect word. I’d rather have a nice outfit or two over a couple hours of entertainment.

Could you lend me $89 so I can see these guys?
Go figure.

WW says the place gives her claustrophobia. Okay, she has no phobias. Let’s say it makes her feel boxed-in.

Here’s a short list of things she finds less than lovable:

  1. Heat radiates from the pavement
  2. Pavement squishes beneath your feet like a sponge, reduced to its former state by the above-100-degree temperatures
  3. People slap flyers into your unsuspecting hands (“What’s a Mustang Ranch?” She asks)
  4. Smoke chokes you at the entrance into every building
  5. Casinos aim to trap you like a rat in a maze
  6. No one smiles or looks you in the eye
  7. Everyone is either dragging their feet or shoving through like it’s Black Friday
  8. Lights, bells, vigor: no matter the hour of the day
  9. Pushy salespeople
  10. Over-priced everything

Okay, WW told me to stop with the gripe session already. Some people travel to Vegas with the same regularity as others migrate to Hawaii.

What’s the appeal anyway?

The Good Stuff

Maybe you can help me complete this segment of the blog post.

This is what I can come up with:

  • A beautiful array of world-class architecture to represent multiple cultures
  • Lights to rival a full moon
  • Splendor in the form of water features (a real oasis in the desert)

And WW happily viewed all these positives as she circled overhead in her jet. Nothing there obscured her enjoyment of the simulated New York skyline or sparkling (if much shorter) Eiffel Tower.

She told me she could read the advertisement for the Blue Man Group on the side of the Luxor (where we were staying) with ease.

Full-size ad for Blue Man Group
Have you visited Las Vegas? What is remarkable and memorable from your trip?

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