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  1. Hullo! I’ve had a look around and here are my instinctive reactions: I like your header and the colours you’re using there – you could even make that header a bit bigger, get it to set the tone – but I’m not mad keen on the grey background everywhere else.
    The layout of your ‘for writers’ page is great, I think: clear, contains heaps, but easy to navigate.The home page has a display at the top which seems not to respond to the width of the screen – it chops off both ends on my screen (laptop). The footers seem a wee bit crowded, too.
    Your author page is great, though: clear to read and engaging.
    I hope this is all of some use – and if you wanted to have a look at my site and make some suggestions, that would be very welcome!

    1. Thanks for all the input. On the HOME page, that is a layout of columns not a footer that seems “crowded” to you (I think). And the display at the top is supposed to rotate through the books…so I’ll have to look at that. Of course, this theme looks completely different on mobile and tablet and computer. I generally do all the changes on my computer, though.

      1. Possibly the rotating book display is set to a fixed width, regardless of the theme reacting to the device? I’m no expert, mind you – if anything happens to my husband (God forbid) I’ll have to become a Luddite!

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