The End is in Sight

From UO News Bureau

It’s finally here. I thought I’d be so much more excited, but the exhaustion seeping from every pore chains my exuberance.

This is my last term as an undergraduate student.

As usual, I have two classes. Both of these classes were my top picks and I hope they’ll end up being as enlightening and enjoyable as I imagined.

Public Relations

After doing some research about possible careers in “journalism” last spring, I decided I would probably enjoy the variety of public relations. I’m obviously not one of those people who can do the same thing day after day. It seems like public relations offers a challenging array of ways to use my writing and customer service skills.

For the class, I have to make a media kit. I can choose a business or non-profit and then I design all of the items for the kit as if I was the public relations representative for that institution.

I’m still deciding on whether to choose my husband’s employer, my employer or my church. What would you choose?

Gender and Text

I still have no clue what the final project for this class is going to look like. It seemed straight-forward until the professor started adding group components.

Currently, I haven’t heard a peep from the other two women in my group. By the end of this week, we’re supposed to have a theme chosen for the project (another Power Point presentation, how original).

By mid-term, we’re supposed to have an annotated bibliography of six to ten books written by women since 1995 that support our chosen theme. Apparently, the theme might not have to be related to gender, but the books all have to be written by women.

If I could figure out a way to utilize A Visit from the Goon Squad for the assignment, I’d do it. As it is, I may be resorting to young adult fiction titles.

What books would you suggest if I wanted to talk about gender roles or women and warfare?


The official graduation ceremony (which I won’t be attending) is on May 11. I’ve also been invited to receive the award for Outstanding Graduate in the B.A. English Language and Literature program on May 10. Nope, I’m not flying to the other coast for that either.

Relief might be pinning elation at this moment in time. I expect when I push “submit” on my final assignments in June, it will be an entirely different story.

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