The Author behind those pages is an Actual flesh-and-blood Human being

Until I started my own author website, I hadn’t considered following the blogs of authors whose books I enjoy. If I’m reading, I want to curl up with a book. What could those writers say that interested me? They’re only human – like me.

In the crunch to build an author platform, I realize that if I had a list of people following my blog (I think I do. I’ll have to check with my computer guy), it could become a mailing list. You know, for when my book is finally released.

If I followed the blogs of those flesh-and-blood people who imagine those stories that enthrall me, I could get news about upcoming releases directly from them. Rather than seeing it on Amazon first (yes, and I pre-ordered book five in the Heroes of Olympus series when I saw it).

What else could I learn about these people who write fabulous stories in the same genre I do? Are they hoping to gain followers to build a mailing list? Am I just another sale to them?

I don’t want my readers to become nothing more than a sale. You mean too much to me. Some of you have been with me for two years or more. You’ve invested in me, and I hope the stories I deliver will feel like a profitable return on your dedication.

If this is the case, what should be the purpose of my blog? I know that my website will be a place to offer all my titles for sale when that day arrives. It will be a place to keep everyone in the loop about upcoming titles and events. What about the blog?

What sort of things do you hope to learn about your favorite author when you read their blogs? Do you really want to hear about their writing struggles? I know I don’t really want that. I want to laugh.

If they have a quirky tale about how they got a story or character idea, I want to read about that. I don’t know if I care about their vacation, their new car or their woes in the real estate market. This is a big uh-oh in my mind because I’ve written about all of these topics on my blog in the past year.

Please chime in. Do you follow blogs written by authors you love to read? What sort of things do you hope to learn about your favorite author when you read their blogs?

3 thoughts on “The Author behind those pages is an Actual flesh-and-blood Human being”

  1. You’re so right on, Sharon. I do follow some author’s blogs and I’m most interested to know about them as people first, authors second. I’m most attracted to an author’s creation story: how they got where they did. I connect a lot more with them from that level because that’s where I am. Sure, it’s great to hear about them hanging out with Oprah and Bill Gates, but I’m much more interested in the pulling back the curtain and letting me see a bit of what’s behind it. And that’s the kind of author blog I write. And it’s why I like yours so much.

    1. I agree that your blog is a “behind the curtain” look at you. Sometimes I feel like mine is and sometimes it isn’t. I appreciate that you read and comment. Really, deeply appreciate it. Meaning I will be first in line to buy your book and help you promote it. So keep writing

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