Monday Morning Post-Vacation Blahs

Yes, I have something worse than the Monday Morning Blues. A disease more distressing than Post-Vacation Lethargy. I have the “Blahs.” Do you know what I mean? The weather outside is gray and drizzly. Blah. Piles of cat-scratchings mock me, clinging to my slippers when I walk anywhere near the dining room. Who cares? Dishes …

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Am I a “real” Author yet?

I’m coming up on two years as a full-time writer. I have spent hours writing words, days editing them and months submitting the resulting stories to appropriate markets. And still I wonder: at what point does a person feel like an author? When the first acceptance letter comes? I’ve got two, and I still feel like …

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New Office: Assembly required

Environment matters. Nature versus nurture aside, we know successful work can be promoted by the proper surroundings. My sons had the music cranked while they worked on homework. I prefer the sound of silence while I’m concentrating. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to optimal work space. As a writer, I spend most …

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One Good thing about Moving

Moving isn’t all bad news. In fact, there are a few things I’ve enjoyed about the whole “getting a new house” ordeal.             In a word: shopping. Not the usual kind – groceries to keep us fed or toilet paper to…you know. I’m talking about decorating a new living space from the ground up. Maybe …

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Writer Recluse: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Recently, I was told that the population of Brown Recluse spiders is growing. This isn’t good news – especially if you fear detest the eight-legged arachnids like I do. In my world, hardly a dark and dank den for spiders, I’m more concerned about becoming a reclusive writer. In fact, my tendency to immerse myself …

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