An Author’s Writing Resolutions

Another new year is here, and millions of people have made resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, save money or eat more healthily. Statistics say that by mid-February, a large percentage of those resolutions will already be broken. As an author, what sort of resolutions should I make for the new year? Goals, Not …

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Writing “The End”

November. It’s golden leaves turn brown and crunch beneath the soles of my shoes. (Shoes and socks?! Ugh!) Then the wind blows them away. Meanwhile…at my computer… National Novel Writing Month compels me to write at least 50,000 words. For the past five years, I’ve attempted to accomplish this feat before Thanksgiving. Since the first …

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BIG MAGIC for Creatives

At the suggestion of an author I follow, I checked the audiobook of BIG MAGIC: CREATIVE LIVING BEYOND FEAR written by Elizabeth Gilbert. After all, I needed something to listen to while I cleaned the house and logged miles on the pavement. In case you’re not familiar with authors, Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of …

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What’s a Muse?

Muse, Greek goddess of artists, gifted her favored ones with inspiration to create fantastic and original works of art: sculptures, paintings, poetry, songs. Actually, lucky for the Greeks, there were nine goddesses. Greek city states produces creative art, I’m sure. Often, we creative types like to blame our personal muse when what we write is …

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Why I Write

Words A mighty deluge swelling Untold tales beg telling Phrases unwritten compelling Imagination dispelling Exuberant phrases propelling A pencil to engage in spelling Verbiage continually welling Until spilled on the page.   Stories Expand in the soul Burning a yearning hole Fiery phrases, a mole, Burrowing to a creative goal Amplified brilliance, a coal Igniting, …

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