Why I Write


A mighty deluge swelling

Untold tales beg telling

Phrases unwritten compelling

Imagination dispelling

Exuberant phrases propelling

A pencil to engage in spelling

Verbiage continually welling

Until spilled on the page.



Expand in the soul

Burning a yearning hole

Fiery phrases, a mole,

Burrowing to a creative goal

Amplified brilliance, a coal

Igniting, indicting, on a roll

Loquacity the latest foal

Until birthed on the page.



Awakens from its dreaming

Profuse diamonds gleaming

Letters like gemstones beaming

Brush strokes meanwhile seeming

Composed with silent screaming

Alive, aloud, with virulent teeming

Consonants and vowels streaming

Until written on the page.


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