There’s No Changing History

I’m not a history buff. I won’t even claim to like studying historical events. But when I’m traveling, I do appreciate absorbing historical sites and monuments. For me, it has nothing to do with the past. Seeing a landmark placed in a specific spot to cement a significant event touches the part of me that …

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Why Tarzan is Still my Hero

Tarzan has been around since before black and white television had Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller portrayed the character whose legend has been recapped many times in movies and comics. Tarzan of the Apes was an all-human superhero (in the jungle at least). Recently, my husband and I watched the 2016 remake called THE LEGEND OF …

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Wonder Woman: Being a Warrior is a Good Thing

Perhaps you’re finished with all the Wonder Woman hype. As long as there are new thoughts popping up about this superhero, I’ll be writing about her on my blog. After all, in the realm of “holding out for a hero,” Wonder Woman has been worth the wait. Last week, I wrote about Wonder Woman’s pure …

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Wonder Woman Makes it to the Big Time

Wonder Woman isn’t just for comic books anymore. And no matter what the UN says about it, this female superhero is making it to the big screen where she will be the ambassador for empowerment of women everywhere. Sure, the United Nations can name cartoon characters as honorary ambassadors, but bringing a bustier-wearing woman to …

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