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Everyday Heroes – or Wonder Woman goes ninja

Heroes are everywhere. They might not have super powers, but they do amazing things.

With the advent of my new log-line, I’ve decided that I want to feature everyday heroes on my site. The trouble is, I spend most of my hours behind a desk and computer working on manuscripts.

Yes, I just said I don’t get out much.

So I need your help.

Have you heard of an amazing everyday hero? The kid who stood up to the neighborhood bully and got a black and bloody nose for his trouble. Pet heroes work. If there was a cat who brewed and delivered mochas, I’d consider that pretty blog-worthy.

Check out my first feature along these lines.

Today, I’m going to share this cool video. Mostly it’s because I’m enamored with anything Wonder Woman these days.

These amazing sparkly shoes prove the point
These amazing sparkly shoes prove the point


My husband watches this show on occasion. I’ve glimpsed a few runs when I looked up from whatever book I’m reading at the moment.

I would have loved to see this Wonder Woman complete this course.

Very few women can do it. The fact she put on the costume and ran the gamut says more than words alone.

Working out to be Fit

These obstacle courses are like parkour for marathon athletes. I don’t mean runners. I mean people who would do Iron Man in Hawaii and then go surfing to unwind.

I’m all about working out to stay in shape. (Also it allows me to eat chocolate without exchanging my jeans for a larger size.) I don’t know what compels people to train to complete something like these courses.

Life is enough of an obstacle course with out signing up for one voluntarily.

What do you think? Do you watch American Ninja Warriors? What do you think about being fit to live versus living to workout in the extreme?

Inspiration Abounds all Around

Image courtesy of Running Rachel

Today’s assignment is to write about who inspires me. What? I’m supposed to choose only one person? If not, this post will be longer than anyone cares to read.

In life, inspiration lives all around us. We just have to open our eyes and see. After seeing, we must ponder the message and take it to heart.

Only then will we be inspired. Like everything else in life, it’s our choice.

What’s Inspired Me Recently?

Olympic Athletes: Hours, months and years of hard work and determination is clearly marked for these heroes. Are they disappointed if they don’t win a medal? Is getting there enough of a payoff? I don’t know, but their dedication to a course of action inspires me to stay the course toward my own dreams.

My Sister: We may have come from the same background, but life has dealt her a brutal hand when compared with mine. Yet she continues on. And not begrudgingly. She maintains a positive spirit. When she got another degree on her black belt, I wasn’t surprised. Solid stuff – that’s what she’s made of and it compels me to “suck it up, Buttercup!”

My Husband: If you know me, the man is already a saint for enduring me for 25 years. More than that though, he is the model of love. He has the heart of a servant. When my mom died, he stepped up to hold me up, but then he stepped in and helped my step-dad deal with all the financial red-tape. If you need a helping hand – you can count on my husband.

Friends: When you’re down, the people who reach out to you are the ones you can truly call friend. In the midst of all the loss and craziness, I had friends who gave me permission to skip a day of writing and just relax. I was ready to return to creativity after that, but I didn’t want to cut myself any slack. These people inspire me to reach out to others and be a better friend.

Coffee-for-Your-Heart-150Could my list go on and on? Certainly. I think I’ll cut my readers a mid-week break.

Who inspires you? What do they inspire you to do?
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