Still feeling grateful in August

So did you guys miss it when I didn’t post my week of gratitude memes last Saturday?

Sometimes, I feel like these posts go out into a void. No comments. No likes.

Okay, that sounded like whining. Which is totally the opposite of gratitude.

On to this week’s memes!



Yep. Guacamole is a healthy addition to nachos (which aren’t healthy no matter what. Sorry. It bums me out too.)



Naps are a thing of wonder. Especially when I have a headache. Or don’t feel well.







First I had no patio. Then we had extreme heat. I need some quiet time in the sunshine.


D224 I love my house. I love the office I have here. Home is paradise for me.  Aren’t I one lucky woman?





And there’s more to come.

What are you grateful for? Maybe I’ll make it into a meme. Next month.

What do you think? Add to the discussion here.

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