Sora’s Quest: A Book in Review

Some people actually watch commercials during prime time. I search through the Amazon shelves for free eBooks. Crazy? I think not.

One book I discovered in one such recent foray was Sora’s Quest by T.L. Shreffler. It is the first book in a fantasy series called The Cat’s Eye Chronicles. You can always find the eBook for free. Click here if you love Amazon.


Sora’s seventeenth birthday is supposed to be her introduction to all the eligible bachelors of the nobility. Instead, a man in black crashes the party (yes, literally) and kidnaps her.

She wants to escape her future, but this wasn’t the way she planned to do it. Thus begins her adventure.

Things she believed to be myths, the races of Wolfy and Catlin, are revealed as authentic. Her plan to find out who wanted her father assassinated leads her into the hands of people who are happy to blame it on her.

As a fugitive, she travels with the assassin and his mercenary friends through the dreaded swamp. Along the way, she learns about the mystical necklace left behind when her mother abandoned her as an infant.

My Response

The prologue had me stumbling about who the main character might be in the story. It took me quite some time to decide the character introduced there wasn’t a good guy. Once the vengeful mage murdered three people, I realized he was actually the antagonist, not the kidnapper.

As a character, Sora rings true for me. She’s a discontent noble girl who accepts the fate handed to her with aplomb. I like her spirit from the first page. Along the way, she makes enough mistakes to keep her believable.

If you like romance, you won’t find it here. However, there is sure be a love story later in the series. The growing awareness between Sora and her kidnapper adds enough spicy tension to keep the plot interesting.

Even when I wanted to say “isn’t that convenient” toward the end of the book, I realized I couldn’t do it. Shreffler had set up the possibility as viable early in the story. This is what great writers do.

I like my loose ends tied up. They’re not. That’s what keeps people coming back to the series.

The mystery surrounding Crash is compelling rather than irritating. If we don’t discover most of it by the end of book two, I will be annoyed. The revealing of the power of the cat’s eye stone and the dark evil released by the antagonist have been handled skillfully.

Yes, I think I may have found a new author to love and follow. Already done on Facebook.

My Recommendation

After reading the last page, I opened my browser and went shopping. Back to Amazon where I immediately purchased the second and fourth book in the series. I’m sure book three will also find its way into my queue.

If you like magic, this book is for you. Sword fights? You will want to read this. Love dragons, elves and dwarves (like me), you will love this book. No, none of those are present but Shreffler creates her own races and does an excellent job of it.

I laughed and I cried. I have enjoyed several good books in the YA fantasy genre recently, but this one completely captivated me.

If you want to be entertained, pick up Sora’s Quest. I promise it won’t disappoint you.

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