Inspired by another person’s Writing


Writing helps me convey my thoughts and emotions. For some reason, I can express both with more clarity in written form than through speaking.

One of my goals is to touch some person’s life with the words I write. Helping others is an over-the-top upper for me. The thought of encouraging someone I’ve never even met blows me away.

I’ve experienced this phenomenon (being blessed by someone I don’t know) several times through books. When I dream of a successful writing career, I don’t see New York Times Bestseller beside my name. I see a woman with tears in her eyes meekly handing me my book, asking me to sign it, and whispering, “It really helped me through a difficult time.”

Three Authors Who Did this for Me

Francine Rivers – If you’ve never read the book Redeeming Love, do it. It will reveal to you an incredible love that defies reason or explanation. The sort of love that God has for every person on the planet.

Karen Kingsbury – I’ve been touched by many of her novels, but the book that struck a chord in me was A Time to Dance. The regular people, Abby and John, faced down real problems in a realistic way. It gave me hope that I could do the same and live a victorious life.

Holley Gerth – I just finished her non-fiction book You’re already Amazing and have started You’re made for a God-Sized Dream. She speaks in a straightforward manner that is easily understood and feels like I’m chatting with a friend, not slogging through a self-help manual.

Other than these blog posts and one poem, I have nothing in the published realm that can reach out and touch someone. God willing, I will have more than one book on the market within a year.

If I’m doubly blessed, there will be a person somewhere who reads my words and feels a warm embrace. Forget fame and fortune, this is the kind of success I’m looking for with my writing career.

Have you ever read something that stayed with you long after you finished? Didn’t you wish you could say “thank you” to the author?

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