Scrapbooking a Wedding: The Announcements

As I write this, the scrapbook contains no additional pages. Read on and you’ll discover why the book is barren – but my fingers are glue-covered and paper-cut.

At some point, I’m sure I mentioned that my sister roped me into this whole paper crafting with scrapbooks gig. As for being the sole memory book maker for a wedding, I stumbled into that trap all by myself.

My future daughter and I sit at the dining room table, stamping and embossing (more on this later in the post). Innocently making conversation, I ask, “Are you going to get one of those wedding memory books?”

A heartbeat later, she answers, “I thought that’s what you were making.”

This scrapbook – which is woefully unfilled at the moment – is going to serve as the wedding memory book. Talk about putting the pressure on someone.

From Engagement Photos to Save the Dates

This past summer, the kids spent an afternoon with their wedding photographers. The resulting photos are amazing. Here’s one of my favorites:

Engagement -20

Have I mentioned that my future daughter knows what she wants? Or if she doesn’t, she refuses to settle on “something” until she makes up her mind it’s what will make her wedding day perfect?

Remember how that affected the hunt for the perfect wedding dress?

Enter the process of finding the perfect collection of photos for the “save the date” pre-announcements. She settled on three different photos, which her uncle Photoshopped into a nice arrangement.

A mail-order later, refrigerator magnets were printed and the first round of mailings were completed.

Including a mouse pad for Mom. Score!
Including a mouse pad for Mom. Score!

Now to agree on the perfect invitation theme for this winter wedding.

From Snowflakes to Winter Forests

The bride had been posting all manner of snowflake table arrangements, favor ideas and other decorations for months. It was a refreshing way to spend the sweltering days of summer.

But when it came to invitations, most of the snowflakes were too childish. Or too much like a Christmas card. Or too – just not right.

Enter her biggest mistake: she asked the groom for his opinion.

Suddenly, I was getting messages with pictures of snow-filled woods.

Now, I have nothing against snowy woods. Truly. “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” is one of my favorite Robert Frost poems.

snowy woods cover

The trouble with having snowy woods for a wedding invitation: the selection was limited.

And the bride hadn’t abandoned her hope of adding some snowflakes to the mix.

And since she couldn’t find exactly what she wanted, she decided to make it.

Handmade with Love

Dozens of people mentioned that they’d made their own wedding invitations. It is a completely doable proposition.

What these people didn’t do:

  • Make 175 invitations
  • Stamp and emboss three different areas on the invites
  • Want a tri-fold beauty with a pocket for the RSVP card
  • Select a color scheme that required special order

If this sounds like I’m complaining about the announcements, I’m not. At all. The final product is amazing and beautiful and everything the bride wants.

The process? A little more complex than even she expected.

Check back next Monday for the lowdown behind this meme:

NoInvites Meme

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