Paradise: Found

Underneath the veneer of this Paradise, the surf thrums. Its regularity relaxes me. The steadiness acts as the heartbeat of my vacation.
Blue water, reflecting sunlight and mirroring the azure sky above, swells against the reddish sand. With this pulse, life continues.
Images included with this post display the Paradise I view upon awaking and the last thing seen at night. In fact, I have spent many wee morning, pre-sun, hours on the lanai staring at the midnight waters rolling ashore.
The only plan for the day is a luau this evening. The Royal Lahaina Luau takes place about 10 minutes (via the rented Tahoe) south of my temporary home. A manicure may compel me to shower and dress this morning. Or I might just put on my bathing suit and stretch out beside the pool until lunch.
Thus, my definition of vacation becomes clear.
I sat by the pool in a rain shower yesterday. Most of the tourists fled the pool deck. I held my towel over my head (trying to preserve my hair) and let the warm beads refresh my skin. My husband plunged into the water.
Within three minutes, the rain tapered into a mist and the sun smiled on us again.
My definition of Paradise used to be a sunny place where it only rains at night. Now I know better. Paradise and Maui are synonymous.
If you think I’m squandering this week in Paradise by lounging by the pool instead of taking in the sights, never fear. Tomorrow is a snorkeling trip to nearby Lana’i with a 95 percent chance of catching sight of dolphins.
Wednesday morning is the sunrise on Haleakala followed by an 18 mile downhill bike ride. I hope to share pictures from said excursion in my Wordless Wednesday posting.
We have been shopping and will go shopping some more. After all, both Jeff and I had half-empty suitcases when we left home. It would be a crime not to remedy such a travesty.
What is your definition of Paradise?


4 thoughts on “Paradise: Found”

  1. I am very fortunate to be living in Indonesia this year (having visited several times last year as my husband began working here unaccompanied) and Indonesia has some gorgeous spots.
    Bali beyond Kuta is a joy! Last break we went north to the quieter beaches where the sun set over the water each night and the hawkers were barely able to summon much more than a beguiling smile as they sauntered past with the salty wares or colorful sarongs!
    This weekend we are off to Pulau (Island) Langkawi in Malaysia for a week, where we are going to do a dive and seek some required R & R by the pool, in the ocean and checking out waterfalls and local cuisine…..paradise is tropical climate, great food, some swim time with a little shopping and at least a daily intake of a Pina Colada!!!

  2. Beautiful! both the photo and the descriptions! Paradise includes sun, warmth, water, beautiful scenery and my favorite person or people with me!

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