One Word Focus for 2015


I enjoy choosing a word or phrase to direct my thoughts in postings and self-evaluation for the year. Imagine my surprise when I learned this wasn’t unique to me.

This post shares one woman’s choice of the word “prepare” to concentrate her attention in this new year. Apparently, the idea came from her friend: “I have a writer friend who every year decides on one word to concentrate on for the New Year. It’s not a New Year’s resolution therefore, it cannot be broken easily. Instead it is a direction to concentrate on within the next twelve months.”

The fact her friend is a writer made me smile. Sometimes, writers think alike – even as they’re thinking outside the box.

Those of you who followed me for most of 2014 probably recall my theme phrase for 2014. Do you? Let’s say it together then:

Be the Change

This idea led me to a number of websites and blogs I wouldn’t have normally found if I hadn’t been sniffing out this specific idea. It also helped me focus on:

  • my behavior (Am I making a change?)
  • my thoughts (Am I welcoming new ideas?)
  • my posts (Are they encouraging others to be the change?)

As 2014 wound to a close, I realized that one thing that is essential if we want to find the strength to be the change and find success is the right attitude.

In fact, there are plenty of famous quotes emphasizing this truth. This quote from Zig Ziglar – “Attitude not Aptitude determines your Altitude” – is one of my favorites.

But, I heard one from a not-so-famous individual that has stuck with me for many years.

“Accentuate the Positive.” – Therron Kraft

In 2015, I’m going to be focusing on a phrase that simplifies and combines these two ideas: 1) attitude is important and 2) what is positive should be stressed.

Positive Attitude

That’s it folks! My theme of focus in Facebook posts, blog ideas and Tweets is going to be “positive attitude.”

Do you have any positive attitude quotes for me? What do you think of the idea to select a word or phrase to focus on during the year?


5 thoughts on “One Word Focus for 2015”

  1. I have decided to eliminate all negative words from my vocabulary this year. No more “I can’ts” or “I won’t happen”. Uh uh. Positive words bring positive outcomes. I’m focused and have my goals set super high. Will I meet them all? Only God knows, but I’m sure going to try to do everything I can to see I do meet them. what’s life without a good challenge, right?

    1. Yes, accentuate the positive! It’s the best way to have a good day that becomes a good week, year, and life!
      I’m so excited for you. My goals are set high, as well, and I’m doing everything possible to attain them. And trusting God to bridge the gap…or steer me to a different path if it’s needed.
      As always, thanks for commenting. Your support of this blog and my writing in general has kept me going on days when I wanted to just bag it.

  2. This is a great idea and one that actually feels doable! I think my word would be “singular-tasking,” which I know is technically two words but I couldn’t think of an actual single-word antonym for “multitasking.” 🙂 I try to do so many things at once I never really make progress on anything. It’s incredibly frustrating. Good luck with yours!

    1. Singleminded concentration is what you’re going for in 2015. Good luck with that. Distractions are hard to ignore at times.
      As for positive attitude, I’ve almost made it through two days without dwelling on the negative. Only 363 more to go!

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