Moving Blues

Smart and cute
Smart and cute

My son has the right idea. He went away for the weekend and let others move him into his college apartment.

Unfortunately, his dad and I got assigned the task of moving crew. Have I mentioned that I hate moving?

Bad News

  • I’m sure there is something that didn’t get loaded in the truck. Even when our son was here overseeing the move, we still had to bring him some things he forgot.
  • Holiday weekend plans? Moving my son into his dorm. Not really something fantastic to blog about.
  • His grandparents donated a large old heavy television to the “furnish our apartment” cause. Guess who isn’t around to move it?

Good News

  • The work day for pulling weeds at the church is at the same time as check-in for the dorms. Pull weeds or move? *balancing the scales* This is the “good news” heading, so you know which hateful task I deemed “least favorite.”
  • That huge old TV has wheels.
  • Lots of young, strong college students hang around the dorms to help carry stuff. I didn’t even break a nail this year.

Considering the fact that we’re trying to sell our house, I’m grateful to remove a smidgen of stuff.

When my oldest son gets a job and his own apartment, even more items will disappear. Not magically, of course. I’m sure I’ll get to help with that move, as well.

After that our two car garage we own might actually have room for two cars. Inconceivable!

How do you feel about moving? Any moving horror stories to share? Please, I’m so looking forward to moving my entire house so don’t be gentle.

7 thoughts on “Moving Blues”

  1. I would have definitely made sure my son’s other plans were moved so he can help move his stuff to his dorm and I am not his movers! 😉 Good that you got him moved in though.

  2. When I was at Linfield and moved from my double with a horrible roommate to a single I had to move all my stuff down two flights of stairs and then across campus and then up three flights of stairs by myself. It was THE WORST. I was about to drop my fish tank when some nice guy saw me struggling and carried it up the last two flights for me. It was a nightmare and a half. And then I got to move all my stuff out two months later!!!

    1. You should have called me, Kacy. I would have sent Jeff…he’s always happy to help, whatever the task.
      Make sure you let my baby boy know how lucky he is to have parents who will take care of his responsibilities for him.

  3. Hi Sharon, your sons the same age as me :). When I moved into student digs last year they gave me a room in the attic, I was so high up I only got a sky light window. There were eight layers of steps and no lift and I didn’t pack light :/. My brothers came to help and my parents and luckily the lodgings had several people helping, all my friends helped me to move out again – tell your son to mix well he’s got a heavy tv to move next year lol.

    1. My older son who was helping his dad move the TV says, “If it didn’t have wheels, it wouldn’t move at all.”
      Moving is never a fun process, but it’s a great way to bond with people…and maybe discover who your true friends are:)

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