In Honor of Another Anniversary

In 1983, my husband and I were in newspaper class together. It was a riot. We became friends and went on a few dates. Now it’s time for another anniversary.

Renewing our vows – May 2001

Fast forward to 1988. It was a rainy Friday. We got married in a small ceremony, headed to his parents’ house for a “small” reception and then hit the road. We nearly missed the turn into our very unique hotel for the weekend at Canon Beach.

On the way home on Monday, I got a speeding ticket. Yep. Nothing makes a trip more memorable than ending it with flashing lights.

Now it’s 31 years later and we’re back at the beach for our wedding anniversary.


Yes, this is us too.

Rather than the “day” being Friday, this year it is the “observed” Memorial Day. And the beach is 70 miles or so further south: Gleneden Beach rather than Canon Beach.

We’re heading to the condo we “own” so there’s no chance we’ll miss the turn-off. No matter how dark or rainy it might be after a LONG week of work.

These days, I might go by Lolly and he might let me call him Pop. We have two adult sons and two beautiful daughters. There are three lovable grand-pups and a feisty grand-kitty.

Best of all, there’s an angelic little darling named Shana. She’s the newest love of my life. On this 31st anniversary of my wedding, I’m celebrating my first Memorial Day as a grandmother – chosen Grandma name: Lolly.

Shana on her BIRTH DATE

We’re doing some research for a family gathering nearby next month. We’ll eat out with my sister who lives a few miles away, and Hubby will have his clam chowder.

What do you do to celebrate anniversaries? Any anniversary will do! Especially if it means CHOCOLATE.

6 thoughts on “In Honor of Another Anniversary”

  1. Our anniversary is in Dec.––right between Christmas and New Year’s… and our birthdays.

    We usually don’t make a big deal of it. We go out, just our family to a low-key family restaurant. It’s the same as we like to do for birthdays, except that my husband’s mother, and sometimes his brother, will join us on birthdays.

    1. I’m all for low-key. When our kids were growing up, my husband and I often went “away” just the two of us for our anniversary and my mom or sister watched the boys. So I’ve been pretty spoiled into thinking an overnight trip is the best way to spend the special day.

  2. I like for us to go away together and just be us. We usually just go out to dinner tho. I think it should be focused time with each other doing new things or things that you both enjoy doing together.

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