House Voted “Most Likely to be Lived in”

Yes, we’ve been attending those mousetraps for home buyers – home shows sponsored by builders.

This one was in Vancouver, WA, again, so there was no chance we would be putting down earnest money. This time, my youngest son and his girlfriend attended with us.

Some of these homes went overboard on square footage or extras. Some of them had enough wasted space to house a family of four.

This one had three bedrooms, all on the main level, and an upstairs bonus room, workout room and bathroom that we all adored.

"Posing in front of our house," they said.
“Posing in front of our house,” they said.

Four people – and still the vote was unanimous. This is the house we were most likely to live in – provided someone bought it for us.

5 thoughts on “House Voted “Most Likely to be Lived in””

  1. Having reached our first month in a 4-level townhouse (rental), the thought of a two-story house beckons. I’d love a single level again, but my knees would appreciate even two. Don’t even look at anything with three or more!

    1. We are getting older (and there’s no stopping that process), so we want a one-level or a two-story with non-essential space upstairs. In the case of the “perfect” house in the post, that was game room, exercise room and a theater-type room (and who needs all THAT anyway?).
      Thanks for commenting. I feel for your knees

      1. My mother has always said a house should have at least one bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor. Not just because we get older, but because an injury or illness can turn those stairs into a major barrier. Definitely something we will consider when it’s time to buy again. If only the joints weren’t affected by everyday wear and tear through the years….

    1. If someone would buy our house, I would be happy to buy the new one (although I couldn’t afford any of those pictured). Finding something that meets all my requirements is the difficult part.
      Thanks for stopping by Melinda.

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