Happy Cruising

For years – maybe since I saw the show Love Boat when I was just a kid – I’ve dreamed of going on a cruise. Specifically, a Caribbean cruise.

I’m starting off this new year with another fulfilled dream. Thank you to my wonderful husband who said “yes, book it” when I asked about this last April.

Don’t worry, my blog won’t go untended while I’m gone. And those memes about gratitude you’re already looking forward to have been pre-programmed into my Buffer queue. It will be business as usual around here.

Except I won’t be around here.

I’ll be on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean Sea basking in all the natural Vitamin D my body can tolerate.

The Itinerary

We’re flying out of Portland the day before the cruise. This gets us to Florida in time to acclimate – and not be late for the bon voyage ceremony.

We have three ports of call in the Eastern Caribbean. Here’s the “official” itinerary:

Sun, Jan 10 – Depart Port Canaveral, FL
Mon, Jan 11 – CocoCay, Bahamas – 7AM to 4PM
Tues, Jan 12 – All day at sea (I’ll be reading by the pool!)
Wed, Jan 13 – St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands – Noon to 7PM
Thur, Jan 14 – St. Maarten – 8AM to 5PM
Fri, Jan 15 – Day at sea (Poolside drink service anyone?)
Sat, Jan 16 – Still floating on the Caribbean Sea (Guess what I’m doing?)
Sun, Jan 17 – Arrive in Port Canaveral, FL at 7AM

Let’s hope we won’t be greeted by snowy weather when we fly into Portland airport at midnight on January 18. Ugh.

Fingers crossed that I soaked up enough happy rays to get me through to the end of March. We’re heading to Palm Springs with friends for a week – their Spring break since he works for the school district.

Additional Plans

Ever since I went zip lining in Mexico, I’ve wanted to go again. This time over a lush, jungle canopy. I have no idea if that’s what I’ll get in The Bahamas or The Virgin Islands, but I’m going to ride the wire either way.


Ever since I didn’t go para-sailing in Mexico, I’ve been kicking myself.

I won’t be missing my chance on this vacation. Floating high above turquoise waters with sunshine kissing my skin and a breeze nuzzling my face is on the agenda.

Except I don’t like to have an agenda. I’m on vacation!

The third port will offer us some sort of kayaking activity. My husband will probably find his way into some snorkeling, but I’d rather keep my face out of the water, thank you very much.

Don’t forget shopping. I’ll have to bring back souvenirs for my new daughters and those boys they married. Maybe even start my Christmas shopping.

It’s a new year, right? Anything is possible.

Happy cruising to me. You can expect to hear my take on the “Love Boat” phenomenon when I return.

Have you ever been on a cruise? If you could go cruising, what’s your dream destination?

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